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What are Levitra Tablets?

Levitra Tablets Price In Pakistan is a sort of pharmaceutical utilized to treat erectile brokenness in men. The dynamic fixing in Levitra Tablets is vardenafil. Which works by expanding the blood stream to the penis amid sexual incitement. This makes a difference to realize and keep up an erection, permitting for fulfilling sexual movement.

How Do Levitra Tablets Work?

Levitra Tablets in Pakistan work by unwinding the muscles within the blood vessels that supply the penis. Making it less demanding to realize and keep up an erection. It’s imperative to note that sexual incitement. It is still required in arranging for the medicine to work.

Dosage and Administration

Levitra Tablets in Lahore are accessible in a few diverse dosages, extending from 2.5 mg to 20 mg. The prescribed beginning dosage is more often than not 10 mg, taken orally as required almost 60 minutes some time recently sexual action. The greatest prescribed measurement is 20 mg per day. It’s critical not to surpass this measurement because it can increment the hazard of side impacts.

Levitra Tablets Price In Pakistan ought to be taken with a full glass of water& can be taken with or without nourishment. In any case, it’s imperative to maintain a strategic distance from high-fat suppers some time recently taking the medicine, as this could diminish its adequacy.

Side Effects

Like all solutions, Levitra Tablets can cause side impacts in a few individuals. The foremost common side impacts incorporate cerebral pain, flushing, stuffy or runny nose, acid reflux, and back torment. These side impacts are ordinarily gentle and go absent on their claim within many hours.

In uncommon cases, Levitra Tablets can cause more genuine side impacts, such as vision or hearing misfortune, chest torment, and priapism (an agonizing erection that endures for more than four hours). In the event that you involvement any of these indications, it’s critical to look for restorative consideration instantly.


Levitra Tablets may not be reasonable for everybody. Some time recently taking this medicine, it’s vital to examine your restorative history and any current medicines along with your specialist. You ought to not take Levitra Tablets in the event that you’re taking nitrates for chest torment, as this could cause an unsafe drop in blood weight.

Levitra Tablets ought to moreover be utilized with caution in individuals with liver or kidney infection, as well as those with a history of heart malady or stroke. In case you involvement any chest torment or other indications of a heart assault when taking Levitra Tablets, look for therapeutic consideration instantly.

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